What can you do with MODX 3 that you couldn't before?

As MODX 3 is nearing the finish line, I’m wondering how to present this to clients. Specifically, other than the new manager layout, I’d love to have a list of (non-geeky) benefits to present. So, for anyone who has been experimenting with MODX 3, what can you do with it that you can’t do, or can’t do easily, in MODX 2.8?

There are so few things you can’t do with MODX (regardless of version), that this is hard to answer without getting too geeky. It’s not like we could say things like “now supports html5” because that was already possible way back in 0.9.

A significant part of MODX3 is under the hood refactoring which will help make it easier to tackle adding certain features (or changing how they work) in the future. That hasn’t gone quite as far as most of the core contributors would have wanted, and is not comparible to the Evo to Revo step in terms of functionality, but still a solid step in the right direction that we can build on in 3.1 and beyond.

There’s an incomplete summary of what’s changed in the upgrading to 3.0 documentation.

Personally I’d pitch this to clients as a revamped and modernized version of what they’re used to. Things like the template picker and flexible dashboards are very useful additions, but not world shattering. :wink:

Well, these are good points, but I’m not looking for world-shattering features. A long list of little things is as impressive as one major new feature. And I’m mostly asking in terms of how the Manager works, not what you can make happen on the front end. The new template picker and flexible dashboard are really cool, and just the kind of thing I’m looking for in terms of what my clients would enjoy about the update. Maybe I should rephrase the question to be “what’s really cool about MODX 3?” or “what’s improved in MODX 3?”.

Even certain bug fixes may be a big deal, or improvements in how the media manager works. Improvements in mobile usability are notable. Stuff like that. Comments like “I’m really enjoying how XXXX works in MODX 3” are what I’d like to hear. I’m so used to participating in the github boards, now that more people will (soon, hopefully) be testing it out, I’d love to hear from people trying it out for the first time. Maybe we’re a couple months away from that, though.

Probably. I reckon things’ll really pick up steam after the stable release comes out, even if we’re trying to encourage people to start testing it with staging sites now. That always happens :wink:

Passwordless login is also a cool addition worth noting!

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Yeah, I just noticed that today while poking around in the system settings.