Wayfinder vertical menu

I need help with the vertical menu.
It is necessary that when clicked, it would open, as well as on the category page, the menu was opened
Sub Category
Under sub category

[[!Wayfinder? &startId=`3` 


  1. tmk-pilot. ru/ catalog/

I see you switched to Wayfinder now (instead of pdoMenu). Afaik there’s nothing that Wayfinder is able to do, that pdoMenu can’t do. Actually I think pdoMenu might even have more functionality/better performance, so you probably want to stick with that.

In any case, both extras allow you to output a list of resources in a certain way using the given templates and defined classes. Whatever happens to that like when things open, what is expanded, etc. is still up to you. You have to add these functionalities using CSS (and/or JavaScript).

Hello. I usually use ready-made templates. This time the template did not have a vertical menu of several levels. I used what’s on our web with Bootstrap. I could not finish it and switched to Wayfinder.
Wayfinder did partially what was needed. I don’t know how to do what needs to be done.

Categories page with subcategories
How to make it open on the Catalog page when clicked, and then open on the page with subcategories . I do not know. may be accepted

Hello. Sorry, was on the road.
I made Wayfinder. Standard chunks http://i–gu.ru/wayfinder. already added further. Works as long as it’s acceptable.
Thank you all for your help