Using pdoPage to list a resource’s children: What am I doing wrong?

Hi there,
I am trying to use pdoPage to list children resources on the parent page, this is my code:

&tplPageWrapper=`@INLINE <nav class="mt-3" aria-label="Page navigation"><ul class="pagination justify-content-center">[[+prev]][[+pages]][[+next]]</ul>
&tplPageActive=`@INLINE <li class="active">[[+pageNo]]</li>` 
&tplPagePrev=`@INLINE <li class="prev"><a href="[[+href]]">« Previou</a></li>` 
&tplPagePrevEmpty=`@INLINE <li class="prev">« Previous</li>`
&tplPageFirst=`@INLINE <li class="first"><a href="[[+href]]">«</a></li>` 
&tplPageFirstEmpty=`@INLINE <li class="first active">«</li>` 
&tplPageNext=`@INLINE <li class="next"><a href="[[+href]]">Next »</a></li>` 
&tplPageNextEmpty=`@INLINE <li class="next">Next »</li>` 
&tplPageLast=`@INLINE <li class="last"><a href="[[+href]]">»</a></li>` 
&tplPageLastEmpty=`@INLINE <li class="last active">»</li>` 
&tplPageSkip=`@INLINE <li class="active">...</li>`


The first page is working fine, but when I click on the next page, I see the exact same content from the previous page.

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong? Unfortunately, I can’t access the documentation on ( is the the same for you guys ? )

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Have you tried calling the snippet uncached?


OMG I feel so silly :sweat_smile:
Yes it worked now! I had no idea this was supposed to be called uncached. Can it affect the website performance by any chance ?

Thanks a lot anyways!

Maybe you can use the property &cache to improve the performance.

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