Using Markdown Editor within a MIGX richtext field

So I want to have a richtext field within MIGX by @bruno17 that uses the Markdown Editor. I’ve installed both Extras and the Markdown Editor is my only RTE and also set in the main settings as which_editor.

My migxTV setup right now is really simple and basically straight from the docs:

{"caption":"Text", "fields": [
{"caption":"Image", "fields":[

I’m thinking this should work fine but I don’t get the markdown editor to show, instead I have a simple textarea when editing the resource.

I found this thread in the old forums, which seems to have the same issue with another RTE but I couldn’t figure out the solution or how I would apply it to my setup.

Running MODX 2.7.2-pl
MIGX 2.12.0-pl
Markdown Editor 1.1.0-pl
(Other Extras installed are Ace and Wayfinder)

maybe the Markdown Editor isn’t prepared to work with MIGX

Is there a way to check that?

What I need is just the ability for the user to add in line breaks without using HTML or using one of those other RTEs which usually blow the general markup to pieces.

you could just use a textarea - type and use the nl2br output-filter on that field

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That works great! For anyone new to modifiers like me, I achieved what I wanted by simply adding :nl2br behind the respective TV in my template Chunk:


More Info on modifiers here.