Usergroup & Access Control Lists : Allow user management excluding Admin


Usually I allow some of my clients to manage user profiles. The problem is that they can manage all users, including Administrators.

I’m searching a way to allow user management for specific usergroups, excluding a :

  • specific user, or
  • Sudo user

To prevent to edit/delete their profile/account

Can I deal with existing MODX ACL for that, or need I create a plugin ?

maybe this could be helpfull

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Seems perfect ! :slight_smile:
Thank you
I will test this soon…

Additionaly is there a function like ‘getChildrenGroups’ in order to list all users in descendant groups or a simple way to exclude SUDO users (excepting for SUDO users obviously)?

Is there a front-end way to do this?

A user admin panel for a logged in user so they could manage their own ‘team’ on the web site?

Seems like this would be great plugin, I don’t see anything listed like this.

I’m currently evaluating MODX for a long term project and this is a ‘must have’ for the project.


maybe this old thread helps