User Permissions Resource Groups

Hi All,

I did some searching for user permissions and could not find something that I am looking for. Some were similar but to be straight to the point I’m on MODX 2.7.2-pl and I’ve followed this article:

I sort of have it where a user group with certain permissions can view the resource tree but I’m trying to get it to where if we only have a blog editor we only want the blog resource to show for them to publish new posts. I have it where they can post new articles but they can see the whole resource tree which we want to remove. So in the screenshot below I was able to hide the Elements and Files tree but if there is a way to hide the resources blurred out from the tree that would be great. At the moment the user in that group can ‘edit’ any page but when they try to save it the loading/spinning icon just appears and nothing happens.

Or even a step further if we can also limit the TV variables a user can access per resource. I’m new to MODX and I’m getting the hang of it but any guidance on this I would gladly appreciate. Thanks.

The trick is to put the resources you want to hide into a Resource Group. Then connect that Resource Group to a User Group with a “Resource Group Access” ACL entry (context: mgr). The resources will be hidden from any user that’s not a member of that User Group (as long as you don’t give them access in some other way).

Remember that children of those resources will also be hidden unless you specifically grant permission to them.

I’ll give this a shot, thanks!