User Import Extra - gmail accounts not imported

Anyone else had problems importing users who use gmail - all regular domains go through but the csv import bounces the gmail address.

thanks in advance

What extra exactly do you mean by “ImportUser Extra”?

userimport-1.1.0-pl thanks Harry

Sorry for the confusion

Updated the title

Is there something special about the email addresses that don’t get imported?

The email address can’t be longer than 100 characters (and at most 64 characters before the @) and the code runs some regular expressions to verify that the email address is valid.

You should see warnings in the console during the import. What is the text of the warning message? This could help to identify the reason why the import fails.

It was a very short list of 6 address. I managed to find a couple spaces when I brought the file into SublimeText and managed to import all but one email address.

I ended up just entering that one manually - I can not fathom what the problem was with this address - other than there must be an invisible character that was not showing up the original file was from excel so this is more than possible.

Again thank you for you help