"User" Category of Extras and more information on search results

Hello I have two suggestions. First is to add Users to Extras category, its a common enough functionality it seems to me.

Second is, I notice that very little data is coming out of the search function in Extras, no download numbers, stars, nothing. I think more info would help, even making the blurbs better could help

Hi @nuan88, thanks for your suggestions; Extras definitely need some additional attention and can be a lot better.

What Extras would you want to see under the Users category?

Thanks for asking, Ryan. I dealt a bit with user data when I was messing with Discuss.

As we know the core of Revo isn’t designed to handle a lot of user data, and I am trying to get that info into the documents, so that users will be able to make an informed plan.

One perhaps critical Extra would be BobRay’s ClassExtender, which is I believe the best Extra now for adding and managing user data. There may be other options as well.

Here is a list of possible extras, I went through the search and there don’t seem to be all that many. I have included stuff like Subscribe, for new users, in that the Communication section might be too broad already.


Great feedback for a post I had been working on earlier, and it’d be great to have you chime in there, too:

great I will go over it! It is really a hard balance of enough categories to help, without too many.

Still, if there are at least 5 extras that have a clear niche, its helpful.