User account gets disabled every 24 hours (daily)


I am the main and 1st account of many on the site (members and sudo users) but only my account gets disabled every 24 hours, seems like around 7am EST. I have to reenable via phpmyadmin every time.

It started about 2 months ago but not following an update or anything.

Please help!

Also, I guesstimate this isn’t from someone trying to hack my account based on the consistent timing.

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That looks like an automatic login attempt. You could rename that user, to avoid this automatic disabling.

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Thats what I thought too but unfortunately Ive changed it to unique things twice and it disables the next day so very unlikely its not a system thing. Thanks for the suggestion.

Then you could have an invalid autofill for this page. Or something that tries to replay the browser history once a day (but normally this would not replay a POST).

Disabled in what way? Blocked, active unchecked?

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In the database it is ‘0’ under active and the login page says something like, “your account has been disabled, please contact your administrator or developer for help.”

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A user could be blocked by to many wrong password attempts but he could not be disabled that way. That must be something different. Please take a look into the server logs to locate the entry point that disables the user.

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