URLs not showing like structure in resource tree (SimpleCart)

I have a shop setup with SimpleCart and I noticed that it doesn’t show the URLs how I would expect (and want) them to. The Shop’s resources are setup in the regular structure shop -> category -> products

Basically I want my URLs to any product to look like this:


What I get when viewing a product though is:


or when I just view a category I get:


If that’s important, I have FURL activated and also <base href="[[!++site_url]]" /> in all templates. I hope this is a nobrainer for most of you, I just don’t know where to tackle this issue. Thanks for any help!

It sounds like you don’t have the use_alias_path system setting enabled. After enabling it, re-save the resource and it should look like what you want it to be.

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Thanks, that works! Just wondering why Articles then worked as expected before, but hey, I won’t complain! :smile:

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