URL TV Input Issue MODX 2.8-pl

I’ve upgraded a site to 2.8 from 2.7.3 and am seeing the following issue with a URL TV in a MIGX config.

Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template "file:[...]/manager/templates/default/element/tv/renders/input/url.tpl" on line 42 ",listeners: {'keydown': {fn:MODx.fireResourceFormChange, scope:this}}" - Unexpected ": ", expected one of: "}" <-- thrown in [...]/core/model/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php on line 42

It looks like a regression in the url.tpl file from the addition of the allow blank option to the URL TV input in 3.8, I can see it doesn’t appear to be the Smarty upgrade because if I replace the new url.tpl file with the old one, the error disappears. I took a look at the new url.tpl file but don’t see anything obvious in terms of unclosed braces etc but I do note my syntax highlighter is also having problems parsing out the Smarty code from the ExtJS on line 41.

Maybe someone who’s more familiar with Smarty can spot the issue.

Look at this thread for the solution.

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Thanks for that. I’ve re-titled the thread to make it a bit more accurate for others searching for a fix.

You can easily test out the fix which is available in the latest nightly build for 2.8.1 at https://modx.com/download/nightlies.


Can I get a copy of that v3.8 your thread title claims to use? Would love to see a taste of the future. :wink:


I’m glad you’ve never made a typo Mark. I’m also glad you’re not visually impaired. This kind of condescending crap is toxic for a community - please grow up.

I’m sorry a playful jest came across as toxic or condescending. Was definitely not intended as such.


It’s not about how it’s intended, it’s about how it’s received. It was condescending, disrespectful and frankly facile one-upmanship. The forum here should be welcoming and inclusive. You could have simply drawn my attention to the typo, I would have appreciated that.

Developing soft skills is more important than developing knowledge of a framework.

Does teasing people encourage others to come to and use a forum, the shopfront for the community, never mind participate more deeply?

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I completely agree, communication is a two way street and how something is received is not always the same as how it is intended. This forum is no different. While no harm was intended and I was surprised to see you took offense, I am not denying your feelings of being offended by my not-even-very-funny-attempt-at-a-joke and immediately apologized it didn’t come across as intended.

What I want to emphasise is that at no point I judged you as a person for making a typo, made fun or light of a visual impairment, or claim to be superior, or claim I never make typos. Those are your words, not mine, and I do not stand by such an interpretation. I care deeply about inclusivity and making people feel welcome and appreciated for the things they do.

As far as I’m concerned, typos are not a character trait, (lack of) skill, or malintent; they’re just a thing that happens to everyone. Making a typo says nothing about a person. People are not defined by fingers slipping on the keyboard, autocorrect, or not speaking English natively, so at no point did I consider a comment about a typo could be taken as such a grievous personal insult to be considered toxic behavior. Clearly my judgement on that part was wrong, a mistake I’ll own, apologised for, and will try to avoid in the future.

If you’re going to double-down on calling me condescending and disrespectful though, allow me to hold up a mirror to your own behavior and words:

How else but in a condescending way, and as a personal insult even, can that be interpreted?

In code reviewing or other situations where people may feel personally invested in something that’s being reviewed or discussed, one of the most important things I always try to do is focus on the code or result and not the person. The “thing” is being reviewed - not who made it. I firmly believe a person is not dumb or malicious if they make a mistake or have a different opinion, nor do I believe that makes me better than anyone else. I do stupid shit all the time.

In this case I did the same - I commented on the typo, not the person that made the typo. As a result you decided to retaliate with an attack a personal level (toxic behavior, childish), showing the exact behavior you then accuse me of (condescending, disrespectful). I can empathise and forgive lashing out in a moment of feeling disrespected or offended, but by doubling down a day later, something with a pot and a kettle comes to mind.

Yes, I do actually think that being able of teasing and joking around a little is a good thing for the community. We should be able to have a laugh together and not always be only business or Q&A.

We’re all human, each with our own personality, things we may (or may not) find funny or interesting, and I do think we should be able to share those things alongside developing knowledge of the framework. I’d consider that part of the soft skills you bring up. I think the participation and bonds that form when we act like humans with personalities and faults will be deeper if we share those things, too.

That does of course require mutual respect and keeping each other accountable. There are limits and lines that should not be crossed, which may not always be clear to all parties. You’ve held me accountable for my words being offensive, which I would encourage everyone to do if my words or actions cause harm. I know I can be outspoken at times and because of the various hats I wear in the community and open source project my words do carry some weight. By calling me out, you’ve given me the opportunity to reflect on the way I communicate with people and that not everyone will appreciate the same things.

I can’t undo offending you, but I can try to do better/be more mindful in the future, which I will. I hope you will too.

I’ve also edited my earlier apology to use “came across” instead of “regarded” as the latter may not have been the right word to use due to a subtly different meaning.


I’d find your apology somewhat more credible if you then didn’t proceed to try to turn this round to the way I responded to your unsolicited, disrespectful and unfunny response.

Obviously, you don’t know me well enough to predict what I will find funny or not.

I could go through numerous threads here where I have seen you be rude and condescending to other forum users and indulge in the same kind of one-upmanship but life is too short.

You can either take what I have said on board, or not. But if you have nothing constructive to add to threads I start here, please do us both a favour and pass them by.

Thank you for informing me what I should find funny and illustrating so well my point about how this kind of thing is toxic for a community.

I am sorry if you dont feel comfortable about jokes. It will get really complicated in the end if we have to ask anyone first if he or she might find a certain type of joke funny. That would prevent any fun.

What is your proposal on how to make jokes properly? Maybe we can find a way to communicate that does not offend anyone. That will (of course) include not projecting a certain intention on anyone or calling him or her “toxic” because he or she made a joke.

My point here is that the ‘joke’ was at my expense.That was unnecessary. I think I made that point pretty clearly but just in case I didn’t, I am now.

Attempts to suggest that I’m some kind of killjoy for not appreciating it or just rolling with the punch are disingenuous and my acquiescence to the comment is exactly the kind of response that shouldn’t be expected here.

If people don’t want push back on their um, input, they’re the ones who need to modify their behaviour.

The fact that you are interpreting(!) it your way does not make your impression a fact. Even more: Mark explained it to you but you didn’t want to hear that and insisted on your interpretation instead.

It is quite obvious that your interpretation is the problem. There is no toxicity in marks words.

He does make jokes about his own typos as well. Typos are the basic ingredients of written code. Get over it.


I’m going to lock this thread as nothing good is going to come from it moving further for anyone.

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