Upgrading to 2.8.0: is it worth it?

I’ve seen a few posts about various bugs since the release last Monday. Is it worth updating to 2.8.0 right now? Or would I be better off waiting for the 2.8.1 release? Currently using the previous 2.7.3 release.

Are there any major security updates in 2.8.0 that are needed to have?


Unless you have untrusted manager users, it should be fine to wait until 2.8.1. Shouldn’t take long.

An alternative perspective: if you don’t use the url TV type you can upgrade to 2.8.0 without too many issues.

How long do you think it will be? I’m mainly concerned about security updates. Were there any involved?

The security fixes are mostly related to Manager users who are actually able to access media sources they shouldn’t. So, the risk is pretty small but there that a trusted user will do something they shouldn’t. 2.8.1 is awaiting confirmation of a couple of fixes and should be released within a week or so (famous last words).


I’d expect 2.8.1 within a few days, but there is some work outstanding that still needs to be completed and issues reported, so I don’t know how long that will take. What Jay says - famous last words. :wink:

I can say though that I had already updated a number of sites before any issue was reported, and did not run into any myself during normal use. The biggest problem I think is the fatal error in the url tv type, which breaks editing a resource that has the url tv, but you can also manually patch from the fix on github if you run into it.