UpgradeMODX and the Parallel Branches of 2.x and 3.x

@bobray With the release of Revolution 3.x there are now two living branches of Revolution: 2.x and 3.x. The MODX team is planning to continue to develop and release patches on the 2.x branch for the foreseeable future until such time as there is sufficient parity in commonly used Extras for 2.x.

While the 3.x core is fully compatible to upgrade, site owners may wish to upgrade from say 2.8.3 to 2.8.4 when it comes available in a couple weeks (from the time of this posting).

A concern I have is that I’ve already seen a MODX site owner hit the UpgradeMODX button on his 2.x site and completely break it due to either not meeting the system requirements for MODX 3 which includes PHP version 7.2.5+ or Extras that the site depends on for functionality such as pdoTools or MIGX.

Ideally folks on 2.x should be able to upgrade to the latest version of 2 as time goes on until such time as they’re ready to move their site to 3.x. I’m not sure how easy this is given UGM is getting he list from GitHub rather than from an endpoint or similar.

And there are a couple things that further complicate: a) the site owner needs to know that they should keep UGM up to date to accept the latest changes and b) that they shouldn’t just upgrade a production 2.x site to 3 unless they know what they’re doing and understand the risks.


Yeah, it would be great if UpgradeMODX would only offer 2.x updates by default while on 2.x, requiring an opt-in (system setting, and/or setup option perhaps?) to enable the 3.0 upgrade.


LOL, this would come up right after I released the version with extensive revisions for MODX 3. :wink:

I can add a System Setting as Mark suggests, but would you prefer a new version number for UGM, or a silent upgrade of the version just released (or both)?

Hi Bob,

I have no personal opinion on the approach as it relates to the actual UGM release itself. I would just like somehow for people to not see Revo 3.x as a direct upgrade while on Revo 2.x.

I know I mentioned about the issue related to the fact that unless someone proactively upgrades their UGM they will see 3.x as an available upgrade. I don’t know that there’s any easy solution there. Though, it may not be a bad idea to incorporate a check that there’s an upgrade available for UGM that shows in the widget itself if this doesn’t already happen so people know that they should be running the latest version of UGM.

Erm … At this point, they wouldn’t see that note until after they upgraded UGM, right? And once they did, no MODX 3 versions would show so the note would be unnecessary?

I implemented a System Setting (ugm_show_modx3) that hides MODX 3 versions on MODX 2 sites unless it’s set to “Yes” (“No” is the default). MODX 2.8.4 should show up on the list when it’s released.

I’ve released MODX 2.3.1 with this change. You might want to announce the upgrade.

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In terms of notes, I was thinking for future versions that UGM detected it’s own new versions for upgrade so that the user was always using the latest version before upgrading their site. It’s not critically important.

We’ll include this info in this week’s MODX Weekly Recap which we’re moving to Tuesdays starting this week.