Unpublished page still accessible


I have an unpublished page(s) that are still visible on the front end.

Step to reproduce

Unpublished resource in manager, visited page in incognito window and / or seperate computer on different IP.

Observed behavior

Unpublished resource still accessible

Expected behavior

Resource should redirect to 404


MODX 2.7.1 , php 7.2 , Liquid Web Cloudsites . Site is on SSL, multicontext, using gateway manager.

More Information / Steps taken

I reviewed the thread here and even tried the plugin, https://forums.modx.com/thread/?thread=54216&i=1&page=1

Cleared cache
Clear cache folder
republished, saved, unpublished, then saved.

The plugin took the site down entirely so I undid that quick. Any Ideas?

Does the Context Access policy assigned to the members user group have the view_unpublished permission checked?

I don’t see an access policy named Context Access I don’t have a members group either, just anon and Admin

Sorry, I meant the (anonymous) group.

Go to System (gear icon) -> Access Control Lists
Right-click on the (anonymous) group and select “Update User Group”
Click on the “Permissions Tab”
Look at the Web line in the grid and see what the Policy is.
Click on the “Close” button
On the Access Control Lists panel, click on the “Access Policies” tab
Right-click on the policy you found and select “Update Policy”
See if the view_unpublished permission is checked.

Turns out I’m an idiot, I had access_context_enabled set to no

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Yikes. Is that a System Setting or a permission? I’ve never seen it.

That’s a setting. There’s a few others like it, which theoretically could be used for tiny performance improvements if you don’t use those ACLs. I wouldn’t miss them if they’d be removed though :wink:

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