TV Presentation in Resource Editing Form

I wanted to get community opinion on a couple inconsistencies I’d like to address in a PR I’m working on:

  1. In the resource editing form, only TVs residing in the default Template Variables tab are displayed in vertical category tabs. TVs moved into new, custom regions display in an uncategorized fashion. My first thought is that these regions/panels should be presented in the same way. The only situation where it wouldn’t be desirable to display TVs in categories is when they’ve been moved to one of the standard modx regions (other than below content), where it would get messy quick.
  2. The help text is displayed differently between the element editing forms and the resource form. Personally, I think the display of help text should be consistent across the manager. I understand that there’s a lot going on in the resource form, but that’s where the existing setting (to display help inline or not) comes into play.

Thanks for chiming in!