Troubleshooting unresponsive public site

I’m not sure where to start troubleshooting this, but to make a long story short, I have 2 modx sites hosted on a cloud server I manage. One site works fine, the other site times out on any request to the site’s url, including the manager, and I don’t have any idea why. These were both working sites for months, and this just started happening after not visiting either site for a while. I can ssh to the server and do anytthing I need to that way, but I don’t know where to start looking for issues when I’m not aware of any changes that led to the one site being down.

The server is on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, running apache, and the latest version of modx on both sites as far as I remember.

Do you have access to your server logs? If so, there might be useful info in there.

Can you confirm that this issue is MODX related? So for example, if you put up a simple Hello World index.htm, does that work?

I have access to whatever logging the server might be set up for by default, but I don’t know what logs would be useful.

I don’t know what else it could be besides modx. My other modx site on this same server, and every other service on this server are all working and accessible. I had a few working pages available on this site as well, so it was definitely working previously.

Checking the PHP/apache server logs would be a good start. Request a page on your site, wait for it to timeout, and then see what was written to the logs. The MODX log at core/cache/logs/error.log may also be useful, but only if requests are making their way to MODX in the first place.

There’s not much to go on here to give you an indication of what might be the case. If you want, I do offer premium support via modmore and would be more than happy to take a look to see if I can figure out what’s going on for you.