This is actually just a simple yes / no question: can I use Fred to insert blocks of code into the text in TinyMCE?

Practical example: I want to be able to insert an image into a text in TinyMCE in Fred where the image is automatically inserted as <figure class = ""> <img> <figcaption> </figcaption> </figure> and where I, via Fred, can upload the image to be used and have it auto-inserted into the <figure><img> code?

If such a thing is possible, then I will learn how. If not, then I don’t have to spend more time on Fred.

Thanks in advance. :smile

Hi sylvaticus,

Well, I think your question is not just yes or no questio :slight_smile:

Fred RTE (TinyMCE) has a small bar on RTE areas when you press enter to start a new paragraph, where you can insert directly an image.

Other way is (And the answer for your question is: Yes): The same area that has the RTE permission, also has fred-drop-zone=“name” where you are able to do drag and drop in it.

when you have a fred element that is an image, you can simply have it with data-fred-name with data-fred-attrs:

by this way. you can simply edit the image on a click as you wish to.
Now it will really depend on what you want to do.