Tagging + Taglister: Filter by tags doesn't work

I’ve made a blog using Collections. The tags show up nicely on the article-page and container. But when I click on a tag, I don’t get the expected results. I still see either all articels or none. All of the articels in case the target has the same id as the container. None in case the target has a differtent id. I’ve installed Taglister

Here is the code I use:
****Container id = 94 ****
The code for the article-page:
[[*tags:notempty=[[!tolinks? &items=[[*tags]] &tagKey=tag &target=94]]]]
The code for the container:
[[!tagLister? &tv=tags &target=94]]

The tags show up nicely but they don’t work.

Then I’ve added the following code on the containerpage (id=94):
[[!getResourcesTag? &parents=94 &tpl=`tag_result]]

It made no difference.

When clicking on a tag, I expect to see all the resources with that tag.
Instead I get all resources or none.

I’ve also tried it with Tagger. But that didn’t work either.

Can somebody help me with the correct code?

Try to add &where=[[!TaggerGetResourcesWhere?]] to your pdo-/getResources call

Thank you for your response. But I’m a little confused now. Do I have to use Tagger? I have installed to try it, but I don’t even know how to display the tags.

I 've followed the manual ‘creating a blog’ from the MODX documentation. If possible I want to have this work without using Tagger. If Tagger is the proper way to do this, do you know where I can find a tutorial for Tagger?

Sorry, thought you use Tagger. i prefer Tagger vs TV-tags. It ist really easy to implement.

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Thank you. I’ll dive into blogit.

just to let you know, the blog-section works perfect now with Blogit. Thanks!