System Emails not sending

None of the system emails are sending (i.e. password reset). I contacted the server company(since this is happening on multiple sites) and found out the MODx is not putting in the emailfrom. I checked the system setting ‘emailsender’ and it has a valid email. Would really appreciate some insight. Thank you in advance.

MODx Version 2.8.1

Please see

That page shows some recommended settings and how to test things from MODX’ end. If it only affected forms it could be a formit configuration (an empty &fromName/&fromEmail) but this sounds like something that would be incorrect on the settings level.

It doesn’t affect forms at all it’s just the emails that MODx is trying to send.

Yes, I acknowledged that:

This is what came out of the QuickEmail snippet.

System Settings (used if property is missing):
emailsender System Setting:
site_name System Setting: MODX Revolution

Properties (from parameters, property set, or snippet default properties:

Tpl chunk name:
allowHtml: 1

Final Values (actually used when sending email):

subject: Default Subject
fromName: QuickEmail
allowHtml: 1
Message Body: Default Message

Send Failed

Mailer error info: Could not instantiate mail function.

Server Debug Information:

It was a CPanel error, with the outgoing spam filter, not MODx related thank you for your time.

Are you not sending emails using SMTP?

PHP’s built-in mail() that you appear to be using is very poor for delivery, and having it blocked on the server is not even the worst of ideas as spammers love it too. :wink:

I’d strongly recommend switching to sending via SMTP, how to do so is also explained on the documentation I linked you before.

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I usually do but when I make a new environment I don’t want to have to put in smtp details just so I can send out user password emails.

Fair enough! :slight_smile:

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