SuperBoxSelect- Anybody using this extra

I installed SuperBoxSelect on a development server.

I typically use @CHUNK binding to populate a multi-select TV. I call a chunk that contains a getResources snippet call to populate the dropdown values.

SuperBoxSelect looks like a much simpler solution to implement the selection of related resources and storing the value in a TV.

I would appreciate any feedback on the use of SuperBoxSelect. How has it worked? Is it stable and reliable?


I’m not personally using it anywhere, but that’s been around for a while and IIRC has been developed/maintained by a core contributor, so I wouldn’t hesitate about using it.


Thanks, I use it in a new site I’m building. It will simply the process quite a bit from using the @Chunk approach


PS Markh thanks for being a very helpful member of the MODX community.

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Hi Roy,
Alternatively check this please: tvSuperSelect
And how to preload such selection - you should create custom connector (please use translator or ask me if you’ll problems with understanding): here