SPForm not working after website migration


I installed SPForm on a website on a server I use to build website, after we migrate the website to the real domain name. In this case I was working in commradewebdesign.be/520 and then migrated the website to the domain name codigo520…com on another server. Suddenly the SPForm isn’t working anymore and I have been trying to find the solution for days now, together with the help desk of Namecheap, the host. But we can’t seem to find the problem.

I made my custom properties set, just like recommended, do the [[!SPForm@SPFormLocal]] snippet call. I tried with and without the spfUseSMTP, I tried to set up SMTP details in the system configuration only, in both system configuration and the SPForm properties and only in the SPForm properties. I’m 100% sure the SMTP details are correct, it’s also been tested and approved by the help desk of Namecheap. In my last email conversation with them, they told me this:

The following log has been created on the server then:
2020-12-24 15:53:08 H=(codigo520.com) []:35298 X=TLS1.2:ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:128 CV=no F= A=dovecot_login:nccs@codigo520.com rejected RCPT : “Your IP: : Your domain gmail…com is not allowed in header From”

According to it, somehow the form is trying to send email from the address that user specifies while sending the form, and fails, because such email address can not be used by the system.

When filling out the form and submitting it, I get following error:

Lo siento - Systema Mail indica fallo en el envio de mensaje
La causa más probable es una dirección de email invalido del remitente .

Nota: En caso de que la función ISP mail() quede bloqueada, Webmaster debería intentar la opción SMTP

Google Translate: Sorry - Systema Mail indicates failure in sending message
The most likely cause is an invalid sender email address.

Note: In case the ISP mail () function gets blocked, Webmaster should try the SMTP option

I tried with both ports 465 and 587, with ssl or tsl, and always matched the system configuration settings. Firewall is totally disabled by Namecheap for my website, and Modsecurity totally disabled.

What have I overlooked? What can be the problem? I am getting desperate, I really don’t know what to try anymore. It’s been days I have been trying to solve the problem. I have been working with Modx for 3 years now, but I’m not a developer, I can write HTML and build websites in Modx, but that’s it. So please talk to me in newbie language.

FYI: I used domainname…com to avoid links in the text as only 2 links are permitted by new users

Have you set the property spfrom?

I think if spfrom is not set and useemailsender is not set to true (to use the emailsender system setting for the email from address), then the code uses $_POST['email'] as the from address which seems to be the reason it fails.

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Thank you for your reply.

These two things were not set, indeed, but it didn’t solve the problem. Here below you can see a part of my settings in the spform properties. (smtp and useemailsender and spfrom)

Screenshots of my other settings you can find here: https://we.tl/t-Lzm9AEniuh as I can only use one embedded photo for being a new user.

This are my settings in the system configuration

Any idea what I should put after the HELO message?

To clarify what I wrote in the last post (but formulated a bit confusing):

  • If you set useemailsender to true, the program uses the value from the system setting emailsender and ignores the setting spfrom.
  • If you set useemailsender to false and spfrom is not empty, the program uses the setting spfrom.

In the screenshot of your settings I noticed that the value of the setting recipientArray doesn’t seem to have the right format

Webmaster :webmaster@mydomain.com

Somehow there are 2 colons. Furthermore the email-address of the recipient seems to be the same email-address as the sender. Not sure if it works if the “to” and “from” addresses are the same.


Wowww so this worked. I think it was because the To and From field were the same email address. I had been playing around with the “webmaster:” and “webmaster : webmaster :” because I saw it worked like that in Modx Evolution. But I didn’t figure out the to and from field before together with the useemailsender installation.

Thank you very much. I wish I posted my problem here before, so much frustration past few days.