SOLVED::2.8.4 Manager not displaying after PHP 8.1 upgrade

Just upgraded to PHP 8.1 from 7.4 and the website seems to be missing loads of content and the Manager has issues too.
I’ve reinstalled 2.8.4 and cleared caches multiple times.
When I first opened the Manager in Chrome the following displayed:

modx php8 Could not find action file at: controllers/default/system/even.php

Some errors in the browser console:



Any ideas of what to do will be greatly appreciated.

Is it only the manager start page that shows this error or also all the other pages in the manager?

Such an error message is only produced in a class that supports deprecated code.
So my guess is, that one of the installed extras is not compatible with PHP 8.1.

Do you have extras that display a widget on the start page? Does the error go away if you remove this widget?

Are you sure it’s even.php and not event.php?

When the manager is messed up, it’s also worth visiting the site with your browser in incognito or private mode to make sure it’s not something stuck in your browser cache or cookies that’s causing the trouble.

@halftrainedharry Thanks for your response. It definitely said even.php - weirdly.
And that “Could not find action file at:” was only on the first page after logging in.
I’ll take a look at the extras/dashboard widgets and try again on a local install.
Thanks @bobray I’ll give that a go too and report back.

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Well, after some digging it looks like the problem was with the permissions.
Some of the subfolders had permissions set to 777, which left them writable to everyone. The system blocked access to those folders for security reasons.
Thanks for everyone’s input. :+1: