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Testing SocialHub extra on a MODX advanced installation, I get an error 500 when I click on Extras -> SocialHub.

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Can you check your server/php error log for details about the 500 error?

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did you manage to get it to work? because I can not get it to work

I am esp looking for something to feed in from insta and FB?


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error log pls? if you give us info we can sort it out, probably

main problem I have is that when I enter the FB and instagram details I get

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Facebook\FacebookPermissionException: (#10)
To use ‘Page Public Content Access’, your use of this endpoint must be reviewed and approved by Facebook. To submit this ‘Page Public Content Access’ feature for review please read our documentation on reviewable features: in

Stack trace: #0 /usr/www/users/X/XXX/components/socialhub/lib/facebook/src/Facebook/FacebookRequest.php(279): Facebook\FacebookRequestException::create(’{“error”:{"mess…’, Array, 400) #1 /usr/www/users/X/XXX/components/socialhub/model/socialhub/socialhub.class.php(650): Facebook\FacebookRequest->execute() #2 /usr/www/users/X/XXX/components/socialhub/model/socialhub/socialhub.class.php(329): SocialHub->importFacebook(‘XXXXX’, ‘XXXXXX…’) #3 /usr/www/users/X/XXX/components/socialhub/elements/cronjobs/import.php(27): So in /usr/www/users/X/XXX/components/socialhub/lib/facebook/src/Facebook/FacebookRequestException.php on line 128

After submitting ALOT of documents, ID’s and a video on how it would work, facebook still denied my request.

I only want it to display FB posts under a websites news section.

Did anyone else get FB permission granted? If so did you do anything specific?

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after submitting all info to Facebook, they rejected acccess saying the plugin is not a valid reason to get access.

Did anyone else have this problem. Did anyone manage to get it through the FB app review? I even had to make a video for FB…

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I feel this is going about things the wrong way. Simply displaying fb data should not be an app at all, and if its not an app then it wont need approval

Pls have a look at these pages for other FB options

Here also are two potential widgets for Insta, they are not the same

Thanks nuan88
II previously tried them all and none work…

JSONDerulo used to work as well as instagramWidget and FB_Feed. but none of them work anymore.

Which is why I am posting and asking if anyone else could get any of them to work?

I did nott try elfsight because you can not customise the way the posts loook…

note that FB and instram changed their access policy…

I am really battling with this

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dang sorry to hear that

Yeah since Instagram changed to Facebook’s API they’ve got a different approval process that renders most current implementations useless unfortunately.
It’s also incredibly difficult to be approved it seems.

it is really hard to get approved … I gave up in the end