socialFeed: Error CURL: Failed to connect to

Instagram posts via socialFeed are not updated. The cronjob is executed correctly and the posts are also updated on socialFeed. So it must be the connection between ModX and socialFeed.

I get the following error messages:

[2022-07-06 08:40:11] (ERROR @ /.../core/components/socialfeed/model/socialfeed/socialfeed.class.php : 197) [socialFeed] Error CURL: Failed to connect to port 443 after 127242 ms: Connection timed out
[2022-07-06 08:40:11] (ERROR @ /.../core/components/socialfeed/model/socialfeed/socialfeed.class.php : 127) PHP warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

MODX 2.8.4
PHP 7.4
socialFeed 1.0.5
allow_url_fopen = ON

This is confusing me:

I didn’t want to confuse you!
The Instagram posts are retrieved using the “socielFeed” application.
Through the ModX Extra “socialFeed”, the posts are then retrieved from the “socialFeed” application. But unfortunately, the connection between the ModX Extra and the application doesn’t seem to work.
The connection between the “socialFeed” application and Instagram works.
I hope I could solve your confusion.

Can you connect to that URL and port directly in a browser? It didn’t work for me, but maybe some credentials are required.

How can I test this? There is an API key, feed key and feed ID.

If you look at the API docs, you should be able to see where those belong in the URL.