Snippet/plugin for time tracking admin usage

Is there a snippet or plugin of some sort that can keep track of time an admin has been working on a site?

I noticed that in the old forums there is mention and discussion of a snippet - MaLTE that looks at the manager log and calculates usage. Tried the code and had a error thrown (permission_denied_processor Array). Are there any other options for time tracking. Would be very handy so that I can show the boss how much time I have been working on a site.


Not that I know of. Maybe you can explore 2 options:

  1. Embed another service like Clockify into a custom manager page.
  2. Create te plugin yourself. Maybe log both the login and logout of the admin and save the time spent?

Good luck.

The Manager log thing should work as long as there is always an explicit log out action, but one instance of forgetting to log out would ruin the record.

There are third party time-logging apps for a computer or phone that would probably work as well, though they might not be as convincing to a boss.

OTOH, your boss probably realizes that you could easily inflate your hours just by logging in, then taking a long break before starting work.

Many thanks @bobray and @ilja-web for your suggestions. Something for me to think about perhaps creating once I get over my current busy period. Could be an interesting challenge.
Thanks again Glyn

Fixing up the original MaLTE might be the best option.