SimpleSearch: Param hideMenu doesn't work

it seems, that the param &hideMenufor SimpleSearch doesn’t work.
The results are always the same - whatever i use the value 0,1 or 2.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

MODX Revolution 2.7.1-pl
SimpleSearch 2.1.2-pl

Hi Leif,

Welcome to the forums.

Please could you post the code from your SimpleSearch snippet call?

Hi Andy,

thanks - of course:


I wonder if it could be failing on &exclude=``? If it did then the subsequent parameters could be ignored.

Or perhaps &exclude=`` is overriding it?

Try removing &exclude=`` temporarily and see if it makes any difference.

Is the result without the param also the same?

Thanks for your help! Removing the param solved the problem.
Now it behaves like &hideMenu=2

It seem the epmpty exclude=`` was no problem.