SimpleSearch exclude

How do I modify SimpleSearch results to exclude metadata?
Do I need to write a custom function to exclude the search results keywords?

SimplesSearch is picking up code source (metadata) i.e. “label=mentor”
I have already tried but unsuccessful to get the results I want:

  • [[!SimpleSearch? &tpl=search-results-body &exclude=26,76,81,92,96,105,158,159,160,161,162,163,164,165,166,167,168,169,170,233,235,243,257]]
  • Unchecking “Searchable” in settings for pages i deleted.

After deleting/removing Resources pages from my website. I want to make sure the metadata from the deleted pages will not show up on a search that uses SimpleSearch. Currently, I am still getting results.

Are you saying SimpleSearch is still showing resources, which you say you have deleted?
I don’t think SimpleSearch can find deleted resources.

How is the meta data added to the resource? Are you using an extra, or a snippet, to add meta data to your resources, or to associate meta data with resources. Or is the metadata simply added to the standard MODX fields?

Overall I think I need to write an exclusion in SimpleSearch to ignore/exclude any metadata with keyword “mentor” . But need help writing one.
things i have done:

  • uncheck Searchable in settings for Mentor pages
  • deleted Mentor page
  • add Mentor page id to SimpleSearch &exclude.

@bruno17 , it is not showing resources from pages that were deleted (Mentor page) but it is picking up mentor metadata and return it on the results page.

@andytough , the metadata is coming from html/head/script called googleAnalytics (a Chunk). When I check googleAnalytics it uses something called analyticsCrossDomain (a Snippet). When I check analyticsCrossDomain it reference/points to file that is found in my root folder src/core/config/ The does not reference any metadata

SimpleSearch only searches in certain fields of the resource for the search term. By default these fields are pagetitle,longtitle,alias,description,introtext,content (but you can change this with the property &docFields).

If I understand you correctly, then the keyword “mentor” is located in the <head>-section of your html code which is usually in the template of a page. But the template isn’t included in the search.
So I’m a bit confused.

Where is this chunk “googleAnalytics” placed in your page? In the content?