SimpleSearch don't find results with german umlauts

SimpleSearch works great exept i insert a word wir umlauts e.G. “München”. Then there is no results.
The URL is:


But there is the word on site.

Here is the snippet call on the result site:


and the call for the search form:


the search form:

<form id="suche" action="[[~[[+landing:default=[[*id]]]]]]" method="[[+method:default=GET]]"> <input id="searchField" type="text" class="searchFieldFooter" placeholder="Was suchen Sie?" name="searchField" value="[[+searchValue]]"><input type="image" src="[[++assets_url]]templates/bilder/search-d.svg" class="btSearch" width="28" height="28" value="Suchen"> <input type="hidden" name="id" value="[[+landing:default=[[*id]]]]" /> </form>

ModX 2.7.2
PHP 7.2.25
SimpleSearch 2.1.2

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