Show "Solved-Icon" on the forums main page

I had it happen now a few times that I was browsing the main page of this community forum (which is by default the categories overview) and ended up clicking on an already solved topic. Altough this isn’t too big of an issue, I think it would be helpful to see the :ballot_box_with_check:-Icon next to a thread title on the main page because it takes a few days before a topic gets marked as closed, which then indicates an answered question (actually just indicates a closed thread but acts as both this way atm).

Also I find the Lock-Icon has less of a value or priority to be displayed than the :ballot_box_with_check: because the goal of a forum is to answer questions and solve problems (and not close them) :wink:

I noticed as well that this feature is already implemented on the specific overview pages, e.g. the Support category. Maybe I’m overthinking this a little but maybe also something worth changing…

There used to be a Mark Reply as Answer or Best Answer in the old forums.

Is that available on the new posts? Had a look and could not see anything.

@markg There is the option to mark an answer as solution, but it’s probably only for the one who created the thread (and mods). Also could be that it’s not available in every category yet:

My issue is more that it doesn’t show that a thread is solved in the categories overview.

Yeah I hear you,

I always used to edit my own questions by adding [Resolved] to the heading.

Well, that shouldn’t be a thing. Atleast not manually.

Not on threads I started yet.

I think the little checkmark in front of the topic title is meant to show what was resolved:


He’s pointing out that, for some reason, it’s not shown on the category previous on the front page the same way it is for locked threads I think.

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Guess I should learn how to read. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve gone ahead and poked the relevant developers for this, and hopefully will get it resolved soon.

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Is that what that is? Tried it, made no difference. Not sure it works or how to make it work.


When you mark a thread as solved, it puts the solution in your original post. It also starts a 2 day count down to automatically close the thread, but each time you bump it it resets that two day counter. Once it’s been two days since the last reply, it will close. It’s a way to prevent necroposting on old posts, and keeping posts for similar sounding issues (when they might be completely different) from getting in the hundreds of replies.

So, as i understand it, the tick icon is only available in some sections, not all?

Also, is the ability to select Best Answer no longer avaialble?

I always found that useful.

What you reference as “tick icon” is the same thing as selecting the best answer, as it’s marking the correct solution to your thread. The solution should always be the best answer in my understanding.

And yes it’s currently not available for everyone in every section. This might possibly change in the future like it did for the General section already (referenced above).


Now you’ve confused me even more.

I didn’t know there was a tick icon avaialble for the best answer. Certainly nevery seen that.

The only tick option I can see is when I edit the headline and there are the tick and cross options.

If there’s another tick option somewhere I’ve never seen it so far.


It’s not enabled in every single category. It is enabled in this one, the General one, and the Support categories. You only see the button to mark a solution if you are the topic starter, or if you are a certain trust level (moderators, effectively).

It’s also behind the ..., sometimes. Here’s a short video of me marking a solution, then unmarking it:



makes sense now, still never seen it.

Just saw that this feature got added now! Thanks alot to the dev team! :blush:

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