Show/Hide Categories in TV Tab on Resource

I’m looking to see if there is a way to show/hide the categories on the left side of the TV tab of a resource. I have a scenario where a client wants to show/hide certain sections based on a checkbox.
My goal is for TV checkboxes with checkbox a-c corresponding categories a-c, if a and b are checked, only a and b categories are shown?

Now in my template, I can loop throw TV checkboxes and show corresponding sections (in this case a and b). The resource also now has the TV categories listed in the TV tab a and b.

I was thinking maybe this was something that could be done with system events like onDocFormSave…but since its about showing and hiding UI elements, it sounds either impossible, or like the complexity is growing very rapidly. I know that MODX uses ext.js to create all of its UI and could create a CMP to handle this in its own way, but at that point, I should probably just use a more complex MIGX config or Fred or ContentBlocks.

Is this doable? or should this be scrapped and tossed into the fun side project pile?