Should Extras drop their associated tables on Uninstall?

Is there a common or best practice here? It seems like most of the Extras I’ve looked at do not drop their tables on uninstall. Is there are reason for this?

If it’s a custom table, I’d say it should definitely be dropped, though with an extra like ClassExtender, and some others, it can be difficult to know what tables have been created and what their names are.

I’ve taken the position that anything that holds users’ data should probably not get dropped willy-nilly.

Perhaps a checkbox uninstall option of sorts would be useful for users to clarify intent, but until then I’m not automatically dropping tables on uninstall.

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Personally I prefer an extra to keep the tables on uninstall. This can be handy if the extra is reinstalled in the future, your data is still there.

A checkbox letting the user decide would be the best solution for sure.

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I can’t disagree. The checkbox might be possible in the uninstall section of a resolver, though I’ve never done it.

Thanks for the feedback. Definitely gives me some ideas. One option might also be to check the record count in the tables and only drop them if there are no records.

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