Setup fails on advanced upgrading 2.7.1 -> 2.7.2


When I upgrade from 2.7.1 (or 2.7.0) to 2.7.2, I get a fatal error.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function parseProperties() on null in /var/www/modx/2.7.2/model/modx/modelement.class.php:567 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/modx/2.7.2/model/modx/modx.class.php(1666): modElement->getProperties() #1 /var/www/modx/2.7.2/model/modx/modx.class.php(568): modX->invokeEvent('OnMODXInit', Array) #2 /var/www/annew/html/setup/includes/modinstall.class.php(492): modX->initialize('mgr') #3 /var/www/annew/html/setup/includes/modinstall.class.php(150): modInstall->_modx(Array) #4 /var/www/annew/html/setup/includes/test/modinstalltest.class.php(315): modInstall->getConnection() #5 /var/www/annew/html/setup/includes/test/modinstalltest.class.php(51): modInstallTest->_checkDatabase() #6 /var/www/annew/html/setup/includes/test/modinstalltestadvanced.class.php(20): modInstallTest->run(1) #7 /var/www/annew/html/setup/includes/modinstall.class.php(229): modInstallTestAdvanced->run(1) #8 /var/www/annew/html/setup/controllers/summary.php(29): modInstall->test(1) #9 /var/www/annew/html/setup/includes/req in /var/www/modx/2.7.2/model/modx/modelement.class.php on line 567

I’m executing and advanced install on a system with 10.1.38-MariaDB. All extras have been upgraded to the last version.

Do you have any idea what causes this fatal error?

Kind regards

Ludo Vangilbergen

Similar to this? Maybe try reinstalling pdotools…

Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried that, but it had not the expected effect.



Are you upgrading with the UpgradeMODX extra?

No, I’m unpacking the standard advanced install zip file and pointing the browser to setup.
Would the extra get me over the error?

I’m not sure, but it’s worth a try. The extra will essentially convert the install to the traditional distribution rather than the advanced. I’m not aware of any down side to this change, but I’d back up the site first, just in case.