Searching for .map?

Safari and Firefox show errors loading the manager. The system is searching .map


found in the 2.x branch
MODX version 2.6.5 and 2.7.1

Can I fix this anyhow?

These are devtools specific files, and it is nothing to do with your website. You can safely ignore this.

Or if this really annoy you, you can follow this guide to turn this off in your browser:

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That you’re getting a 500 error on that page suggests that you haven’t properly set up error handling. Make sure you have an error_page configured in your MODX system settings, that the resource you link it to exists in the current context, and is published.

If you have multiple contexts on the site, make sure to do that for each of the contexts; create error_page context settings pointing to a published resource in each context.

The .map files can be safely ignored, but that it returns a 500 instead of 404 is something you should resolve.

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I wondered it is searching for .map anyway. But didn’t realised, that it is a devtool issue :-))