Runsnippet getResources with TaggerGetResourcesWhere

Modx 2.7.3
getResources 1…6.1
Tagger 1.11.0


I am using the getResources snippet with TaggerGetResourcesWhere it works fine.

[[!getResources? &where=`[[!TaggerGetResourcesWhere? &tags=`aphids,flowers` &groups=`1,2`  &matchAll=`1`]]` &parent=`5` &tpl=`products`  &limit=`0` &sortdir=`ASC` &sortby=`menutitle` &processTVs=`1` &includeTVs=`1`]]

I’m trying to use modx => runsnippet to do the same thing, but it doesn’t work. I think I am making mistakes in the formulation of the runsnippet.

Could someone tell me where my mistakes are?

$result = $modx->runSnippet('getResources', array('where' => $modx->runSnippet('TaggerGetResourcesWhere', array('tags' => 'aphids,flowers', 'groups' => '1,2', 'matchAll' => 1,)), 'parent' => 5,'tpl' => 'products', 'limit' => '0', 'processTVs' => '1', 'sortby' => 'menutitle', 'includeTVs' => '1'));

return $result

Thanks for your help.

The mistake could be that getResources has no property parent! The property is called parents (with an s at the end).

maybe 'matchAll' => 1, should be 'matchAll' => '1'

First of all thank you for your answers.

I found my problem, especially do not laugh. You surely know the expression “can’t see the forest for the trees”.

I was so sure that the problem was in the formulation of my runSnippet, that I had forgotten the “return $result”.

I had this as a code:

if (condition) {
$result = $ result = $ modx-> runSnippet (‘getResources’, array (‘where’ => $ modx-> runSnippet (‘TaggerGetResourcesWhere’ …
return $result; =====> was misssing
} else {
$result = $ modx-> runSnippet …
return $result;

In these difficult times, take good care of the beings you love and I wish you happy holidays.

Thanks again

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We’ve all been there. :wink: