RunProcessor for Processor from Web Context for Anonymous User

So I am developing a custom component and have created a getlist processor to display a list of users in a ‘vendors’ group. This processor works fine in the manager, populating a combo box as expected.

I would like to use the same processor in the web context as an anonymous user but when I do, all I get is an empty array when I do a $response->response;

I realise that it’s a permissions issue so my question is, how do I make that particular processor available in the web context to anonymous users.

If your processor extends modProcessor, by default, the checkPermissions() method will return true unless you’ve overridden that method in your class. If that’s the case, it’s unlikely that it’s a permission issue.

More likely, you’re not instantiating MODX properly before calling its runProcessor() method. For example:

$modx->getService('error', 'error.modError');

Depending on the use case, you may also need to establish $modx->user and $modx->resource.

See this.