Rework an old site

Hello. I got an old site with a bunch of static pages developed with 2.6.1-pl. My task is to completely redesign and make up it. Im totally new to MODX and just have read the core documentation and looks like Im ready to go. I want to integrate git in my workflow and also upgrade the version of MODX to the latest one. So my plan is to clone modx revolution repo and somehow I need to migrate all the stuff (resources, chanks, templates, images, docs) into this new project. And the question is - How can I properly do it? Also any advices are highly appreciated!

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Welcome for the MODX forum.

If you wish to use Git in your workflow you might want to take a look at Gitify by Mark at modmore.

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There used to be an old provisioner which supported moving files to a new db.

you could export the database as a sql file and load into the new environment

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Yes I was thinking this, just move the whole db.

I do believe this is one extra field in the db in newer Revo versions, for user data