Revo 3.0.1 can't create new document

Simple as that. If I press “Create Document” or “Create > Document”, Pop Up Shows. I write Title and hit Save. Momentarily flashes “Please Wait Saving…” And nothing happens. I can only create document from sidebar Content > Create Resource (without pop up). Is there something that I don’t understand or is it a bug?

This has to be a specific problem on your installation.

If you open the developer tools of your browser, are there any errors in the “Console” tab or maybe in the response of an XHR-request in the “Network” tab?

Any errors in the MODX error log?

Is this a fresh installation of MODX 3.0.1 or an upgrade from an older version?

I’ve found the problem. Since there is no field to create “alias” in pop up window and I’ve chosen not to generate alias automatically in System Settings, the resource can’t be created. I’ve changed back to “generate alias automatically” and can create document now. Hopefully this situation will be solved in the future.

Please create an issue on GitHub.