Ressource Settings published on, unbublished on

Hello, i used the general function from modx admin dashboard for published and unbublished ressources.
the unblished field with date and time setting worked fine. ressource was unselect the published checkbox and unblished on the website. but the publishedon for the further/new content was wirhout effect. i found some article from bob, site must be visited for use, but i dont understand it :frowning:

my wish is, for home form our webiste, to set ressources with content to auto published/unpublished on Date/Time xy by using the admin dashoard. i think the function on ressource settings is intended exactly for that…?

i use: Modx Revo 2.8.3


Any chance you used “published on” instead of “publish on”? Similarly named fields, but you need the latter one to automatically publish resources on a certain time.

Hi markh,

yes i used the secound field.

Is the time set correctly on your server?
Maybe there is a problem with different timezones or daylight saving time.


thx for the hint. time is correct. Server, PHP.

On Settings like this, the published check was auto deselect

but nothing happens

for check i set this for the output

[[*createdon:strtotime:date=%R %a %b %d, %Y]]

[[*publishedon:strtotime:date=%R %d. %B %Y]]

[[*unpub_date:strtotime:date=%R %d. %B %Y]]

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 14-00-34 JET Tankstellen Schlauer ist das

I’m not sure the checks you made work.

Try to check the timezone with this snippet

return date_default_timezone_get();

Or maybe go to Manage -> Reports -> System Info then click “View” on phpinfo(): and search for Default timezone and date.timezone.

You could also use this snippet

return date("d.m.Y H:i:s"); 

and check if it gives to right value for the current time.

Thanx so much halftrainedharry :smiley:
TimeZone was on UTC by default. i change it to Europe/Berlin and now its correct an published and unplushed worked fine. Damit it, so easy…