Resources missing from Resource Tree

Hi all,

Got a strange one which has been bugging me for a while!
I have a resource which should be visible in the resource tree but it’s not.

I can access it via it’s ID:

But this isn’t any good for editor’s who won’t be easily able to find the ID.

I’ve checked the database in the table called modx_site_content,
and show_in_tree is: 1

What else could cause this?

Thanks in advance!

When you edit it, if you go to the Settings tab, does it show the correct (or any) Parent Resource?

(If it is at the root level then no parent resource would be listed).

Could you try changing the parent resource, saving it, and then changing it back to whatever it should be? It might trigger it to show up again.

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HI Andy,

Thanks for your suggestion - nice idea…

So the parent resource is blank, which is correct as it’s at root level.
I change the parent to another resource and saved it, and it showed up in the resource tree.
But when I change it back to ‘website’ which is the root level context, it disappears again!

Aha - fixed it!!!

What I did was change the parent resource to another resource in the tree, and then i manually dragged it to the root level rather than selecting the parent in the settings, and it’s still there.

I’ve cleared the cache, logged out and back in again - it’s still there - seems fine.

Thanks for your help!


Do you have SiteCheck, by any chance? This is exactly the kind of problem it fixes. :wink:

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