Reset user password in modx 1.2

hello, I mave a modx 1.2 site i did not create, a user has lost their password and claim the recover password function does not work for them

I went into the users in the backend, but the emails are all hashed so I cannot find the correct user

is there a way for me to find the correct user?

Yes if you are an admin you can go into the Modx backend and manually change the password, and I believe you can send an email with a randomly generated or fixed pass, that might work as well

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thank you for taking the time, apparently names and emails are hashed because of new gdpr rules and I cant find the correct user

Try one of the following:

    • Check the error log
    • Check the mail log, you’ll spot an ID that you can match with the user
    • I believe the encryption is MD5? Could you decrypt the usernames?
    • Check in the backend for each user the last login attempt

If nothing else works I think you need to create a new user…

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I might be out of my depth here, or maybe we are speaking past one another.

You seem to be looking on the server side, I am referring to logging into Modx as an admin.

From inside Modx you should have a list of users. The data is encrypted on the backend, serverside, but simply by definition the user list is available to admin users.

Maybe I am missing something, maybe you don’t have admin access.