Recaptcha3 Nightmare!

Hi Folks

Ok, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, let’s cut to the chase…
Can anyone furnish me with a working example of Recaptcha3 in conjunction with Formit?
I cannot begin to fathom how many hours I’ve spent trying to get this to work.

At times I’ve had it partially working but for the most part I find myself increasingly deeper in the dark woods without a paddle.

Nowhere can I find a simple and coherent working example of the front coding and backend System Settings requirements.
The limited available online docs seem woolly and contradictory to me.

For example, are the Site(Public) key and Private(Secret) key set for BOTH Recaptcha3 and Formit System Settings?

Given the beauty of MODx’s flexibility in accommodating any number of approaches to a given solution, I also find, at times, that this is the platform’s major frustration.
This thing has me gnawing my fingers off!

I’m at the stage that a step-by-step, idiots how-to guide would be pure Nirvana.
So any guidance would be met with great appreciation.

Many Thanks

My Setup:
Mac 10.13.6 High Sierra
Latest MODx
Latest MAMP
Latest Chrome/Safari

You only have to set the system settings recaptchav3.site_key and recaptchav3.secret_key.

When you install the extra, it creates the chunk sample_formit_contact_form that contains a sample form (for version 2). If you replace all the occurrences of recaptchav2 with recaptchav3 in this chunk, this should give you a working example for version 3.

You know I’m pretty sure I’ve tried that, but with that clear directive I’ll give it another go from scratch.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

Many thanks

Just a side note: “Latest MODx” or “Latest” in general is a very poor description, if you keep in mind that this thread might be seen in the future, where “latest” isn’t your actual used version anymore :wink:

Good shout.
For future reference 2.7.3

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