Real ugly log-in page after upg. to 3

One of my upgraded sites - to 3 - got a really ugly (but functioning) log-in page.
Fortunately everything works and no errors in log.

Any idea?

Any errors in the console of the browser’s developer tools (F12 or CTRL + Shift + i)?
Looks like a CSS file can’t be loaded.

Almost certainly stuck browser cache (chrome can be stubborn as hell). Other potential issues are that you were using a custom login screen and it’s not compatible with Revo 3.

+1 for what smashingred said. I’d suggest installing the Chrome “Cache Killer” extension. One click on the toolbar and there’s no browser cache. Another click and there is.

It’s a lot quicker than switching back and forth from Incognito mode.

It that fixes it, it’s definitely a browser cache issue . If not, try halftrainedharry’s excellent suggestion.

Yes browser cache. After clearing cache all is fine and beautiful.
‘Cache Killer’ seems a good idea - will install.

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