Pull content from one Modx site to another

So I have two sites running in seperate installations of Modx. (They were supposed to be standalone so didn’t create them as contexts).

I now need to pull in a tv(image), pagetitle and URL from the latest resource from onesite, onto the home page of the other.

Is this at all possible?

Or would I have to move the sites ito a single install of Modx with contexts for each?

Thanks in advance!

you could create a REST Enpoint. In the simplest case, this could just be a resource with a snippet, which delivers the needed data.

Thanks for the suggestion - I will need to read up on REST Endpoints as I’ve never used them.

in your case, really just needs to be a very simple snippet, which gets the latest resource - object and returns the needed fields as json.
Put this snippet into the content of a new resource with a blank template and maybe contenttype JSON

on the other site call the url of that resource with for example file_get_contents, decode that json and pass it to getChunk

Bruno has a great answer.

Maybe take a look at: https://docs.modx.com/current/en/extending-modx/modx-class/loading-externally

Thanks - I will have a read and see if I can get my head round it!

Thanks again for the advice. I will have to see if I can find more info on this somewhere. I don’t understand this enough. I’ve read the ‘Loading the modx object’ article (thanks) but I don’t understand it enough to know where I go from there. I’m a visual designer and build out modx sites but don’t really stray from the built in templating etc.

As I said, you don’t need that. You just need a snippet, which outputs a JSON with the needed data. That’s all

Ah right ok. Sorry, I thought that was all part of one solution using the api etc.

Ok, this sounds more manageable. Will have a play and see if I can get this working. Thanks.

Presumably I could just use getResources then?

you could use pdoResources with &return=json

[[!pdoResources? &return=`json` &parents=`62`]]

Thanks Bruno.

So - I have it partially working with help from you and searching the forums.
In Site A, I have a PdoResources on a resource with no template like so:


Then on Site B, I have a snippet on a page which ulls in the data that I need - but I’m not sure how to pass this to getChunk in order to format it.

// associative array mode
echo $json_a[IssueNumber];
echo $json_a[image];

So it echos out the Issue Number and image URl which is great - but not sure how to pass this to a chunk so that I can format it.

I’m almost there!

Thanks for your help so far!

Although I just read you shouldn’t use echo in a snippet?

$output = '';

foreach ($json_a as $image) {
  $output .= $modx->getChunk('latestLissueJSONTpl',array(
     'image' => $image,

echo $oputput;

** Make sure you make the chunk on site B

Wow - thanks!! I’m trying it right now.

I assume I’m merging these togehre into one snippet, but not sure what to keep of mine?

if (is_array($properties)){
    return $modx->getChunk('yourChunk',$properties);
return 'something went wrong';
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I think, you don’t need a tpl on your pdoResources - call, when using


do you?

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I just tried without a tpl and it outputs a lot of data rather than just the two fields I require) - is that a performance hit?

I tried your snippet and it works wih the TPL - but not when i use &return: json - Th JSON is formatted differently.

This works great thank you.
But for some reason it’s trying to pull in two resources - the HTML output is:

<p>This is issue: 487</p>
<img src="https://www.domain.co.uk/image.jpg"/>

<p>This is issue: </p>
<img src=""/>

Not sure where the second instance is coming from?