Previewing in MODX

I have installed both Preview by and also Magic Preview by Modmore on separate installations and given them a test drive. Here are some issues I have noticed.

Preview by is a fairly robust previewing system that works quite well:

  • It lets you have a list of revision so you could go back and view any particular version.
  • It works with template variable values
  • You can compare versions side by side.

The negatives I see are that you can’t seem to delete revisions so I can imagine that the revision list will get quite bloated over time. The other issue I noticed that is that if I use a multilingual like Lingua, then the template variables become messed up. They don’t seem to save correctly or preview correctly.

For Magic Preview, it is a much simpler preview option that works well in a single language installation. LIke Preview, it doesn’t seem to handle multilingual template variables well.
The plus of Magic Preview is that it doesn’t store multiple versions thus it won’t create a bloated history list. The downside of that is you can’t compare versions or go back into your history for previous versions. Although perhaps that aspect could be overcome by installing VersionX.

So I think both preview options could work if you are working in a single language setup.

I was wondering if anyone out there has successfully implemented either of these solutions with a multilingual setup using Lingua?

#preview #magicpreview #staging

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Anybody out there with some experience on this? I reached out to both and the Github for modmore, but go no response from either. :neutral_face:

I read your report on GitHub about Lingua with Magic Preview as just that, a bug report. Didn’t realise you were actually looking for confirmation. :wink:

As I’ve just responded to your ticket, the combination with Lingua indeed doesn’t work. Thanks for putting an issue in the tracker for that.