Possibility to make multilanguage website?

Is there any possibility to make it multilangual? If it is: how?

That’s a very open question :wink:

There are two main ways people make multilingual sites in MODX.

The first is multiple contexts. Each context correlates to a specific language, and has its own resources, URLs, structure etc. You’ll need a context router like XRouting or LangRouter to automatically switch between contexts. Babel is useful to add into the mix, as it will connect resources across different contexts together, allowing you to link to “this page in a different language” on your front-end.

The second approach is using something like Lingua or MIGXMultiLang which keeps all the translations for a resource on the resource itself. So you have a single resource representing different languages. This approach is not always compatible with all other extras, so that’s good to keep in mind.

I would personally prefer the first approach most of the time, but it all depends on your use case.