Populating TV input with list of Chunks in a category

I created a Listbox (Single-Select) TV using

@SELECT name FROM [[+PREFIX]]site_htmlsnippets WHERE category = 25

for the input values.

Everything works fine except there is a blank choice at the end of the listbox. (see attached image
How do I remove the blank choices?


EXTRA NOTE: I think developing a snippet to populate the input values might be a little more secure. I would really like to be able to use a version of SuperSelectBox just for selecting chunks by category.

I can’t reproduce this. I never see the blank line at then end.

What do you get, when you run the SQL query directly in phpMyAdmin?

You could use a @CHUNK binding instead, and then in the chunk add a snippet call.

I identified the error. There was a hard return in the default value field on the TV. Something so simple yet impossible to see! Sorry the error was sitting in the chair in front of my computer.

@halftrainedharry thanks for the quick reply.