Poll: Seeking Opinion for Possible Changes to URL TV Type

I’ve been working on various UI enhancements in the area of TV creation and rendering (to the Resource form) and would like to get an idea of how folks use this TV and specifically whether the separate protocols dropdown menu is helpful, or is a distraction, and whether additional input options would be desired.

Please take a few minutes to cast your vote on the subjects below.

The Separate Protocols (http, ftp, etc) Dropdown

IMO, this dropdown has little utility, as I think most of the time people would be pasting a value into the URL field (a vast majority of the time, this will include the protocol).

For those who may not know, the protocol is not a separate data point (i.e., the URL is ultimately saved as a single value in one database field).

Separate Protocols Dropdown???
  • Keep, it’s a helpful feature
  • Neutral, either option works for me
  • Remove, I never use it

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Proposed Additional Input Options

It occurs to me that it could be useful to add the ability to specify a list of protocols via a new input options field (shown when creating/editing the URL TV type), making it possible to restrict the protocols on an individual TV basis. This list could default to what we currently see when the TV is rendered to the Resource form, ensuring the change would be non-breaking. Additional validation control could be achieved if we include a regex input option (like that available in the default Text TV type).

Add New Configurable Protocols Input Option?
  • Yes
  • No

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Add New Regular Expression (Validation) Input Option?
  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for your participation!

I would think this a bit bigger, since I don’t use the TV type that often.

We can use the same input type in the weblink url input:

  • There should be a trigger button on the right, that opens a tree select dropdown with the resource tree, a search combo for resource titles or a ‘select a resource in the tree’ input. The resulting value can be filled with a link placeholder [[~xyz]] then or just with a number that will be rendered later on to an url.
  • If the field contains an integer, it will be replaced with a link placeholder or it will be rendered later on to an url.

Thanks @jako. While this is outside the scope of what I’m working on, which is quite a large update—a complete refactor of TV rendering to the Resource form (not just a change to the URL TV)—this is an interesting idea for making the content field for Weblinks much more user-friendly. What you propose is basically the resourcelist field type with a modification to its output.

I would remove the protocol input in the current state. It makes almost no sense. I don’t think that this is a breaking change, just a visual one.

Or can it be blank, if someone inserts a not known protocol? If not, add this as an option and add the regex validation option.