Pods plugin like feature

I know this is not the right place to suggest new feature but have a look at Wordpress’ Pods plugin. I would love to see this in core of Modx. This plugin creates custom post types ( CMPs ) and also give option to include it in rest api, show on menu, user roles etc. I dont know why its so hard to make this in Modx. This can easily be part of Modx core. Why I am saying this because world is moving to js frameworks like react and vue and what they want is Rest Api. So creating CMPs and Rest Api with custom fields (tvs to n db table) would be great to kick start a new static website with rest api for mobile apps.

Please have a look on this plugin. I am using it for many of my sites and this is the most wanted thing I love to see in Modx.



Thank you!

You can use folders + resources combination to achieve the similar thing in MODX right now.

- Locations
-- L1
-- L2
-- ...

- Doctors
-- D1
-- D2
-- ...

Consider the above locations and doctors as a repository of “custom” content, and pull them out for display anywhere with pdoResources/getResources etc.

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What have you found difficult? Can you show us what you’ve tried?

Not difficult but it can be so easy like a wizard to follow step by step. Can create itself rest apis etc.

Still we have to create menus manually, rest apis manually…

I think creating something like that would severely limit your options. Each API or CMP is going to be different depending on the requirements.
MIGX exists to allow CMPs to be created without coding and you can see how complex the configuration UI for that is.

If you are really keen on the idea though, perhaps you could start the process by presenting some mock-ups of how you imagine it working.

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Sure thing. Migx is good but lacks Rest Api creation. What I am suggesting is that there should be an option like a tick or something near each Tv in Migx to make Rest Api for each Tv which we are setting on Migx. And a tab for Rest api configs in Migx like Api route or api name like if we are creating a CMP of books then there should be an option to create Books name Rest api which will create a folder and all the config files on it which will be our api route. Also options like POST, GET methods and other stuffs like include created, modified dates and times and many more…
I hope you get that.

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