Phpthumbof Overlay Effects Not Working with Resizer

After installing resizer (and thus pthumb), I set my global settings for phpthumbof to use Resizer, and use the Pthumb cache. Since then, the color overlay feature seems broken. When I switch back, the overlay works. I get the proper image, but no color overlay. I thought this was supposed to be a drop in replacement., but does it not support this feature?

This is what I have.


I would just use a CSS background overlay, but sadly every one of those options seems to not work (leaves uncovered space to the right). Perhaps conflicting css I have yet to work out, but this was a great workaround till now.

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So I managed to get a CSS overlay working, but it seems pthumb/Resizer doesn’t support this. I guess it makes sense considering the power of CSS now.

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Which tool were you using before? The one that worked?

phpthumbof that came standard. I hadn’t set it to use Resizer in system settings at the time.

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