PHP warning with ImportUser

PHP notice: Undefined index: dob

not sure why I get this error


As this is just a ‘notice’, you probably can simply ignore it (if the import works).

In case you want to examine it further:

  • Is there any information in the error message where (file, line number) this ‘error’ occurs?
  • What’s the PHP version on your server?
  • Do you have a column “dob” (date of birth) in your import file?

Every line gets that error but it says import was successful.
PHP: PHP Version 7.4.23
No no such column


I tried to reproduce the ‘error’ but can’t see it on my installation.

Just to be sure: We are talking about the extra User Import (as in your last thread).

I meant if the error message contains the line in the code where the ‘error’ occurs. Not the line in your import data.

Can I ask what software do you use to create the clean csv

I created a file by hand for testing purposes with just one user.

What columns do you have in your import file? Only the ones that are shown in the screenshot above?

I don’t think this error is necessarily a problem with your input file.

I believe this line in the code is the problem:

Try changing it to this and see if the ‘error’ goes away.

if (isset($fieldvalues['dob']) && (!empty($fieldvalues['dob']) || $fieldvalues['dob'] == '0')) {

Yes those were the only columns.
I was supplied in excel tried to use an excel csv (that wouldn’t import) - have mixed results with Sublime Text - but then they seem to import fine - from textedit - i just need a clear system - this dob thing is new since the recent update

A csv file is just a text file so it shouldn’t make any difference which program you use.

Can you provide an example (with fake data obviously) that doesn’t import?